Audit and Taxes

They are a cornerstone of our portfolio of services. Our accountants, tax advisors and auditors have many years of experience in various businesses and are ready and willing to provide you with a complete service.


Auditorské služby

This area has been permanently developing. The ever-increasing needs of companies and their new business activities generate new requirements for auditors, particularly regarding the scope of audit services incl. all necessary audit tasks.


Tax advisory

Daňové poradenství

Taxes make an indispensable part of any business. The current system of taxes in the Czech Republic is complicated and messy, particularly for a non-professional. It is not easy to find a way through it. For an entrepreneur it is more effective to use the service of experts.



Our company provides our clients with the outsourced services of on-line bookkeeping. A client has permanent on-line access to his accounting applications, data, documents, statements and analyses.


Outsourcing účetnictví

Suitable for companies or entrepreneurs who prefer a classical mode of external bookkeeping, i.e. they will deliver all their documents to us on agreed dates.


On-line bookkeeping

Účetnictví on-line

It is a modern, comfortable way of bookkeeping. This solution gives a considerable competitive edge to us as well as to our clients.


Salaries, other services

Payroll Records

Mzdová evidence

Payroll records include the processing of salaries and personnel issues in a way which conforms to the valid legislation as well as to the needs and requirements of our clients. Salaries are processed in the following accounting programs: QI, Pohoda, Pamica and Helios Orange software.


Financial and Organizational services

Ekonomické a organizační služby

We also offer financial and organizational services, which significantly complement the portfolio of our other services.





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