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Why do not we show references?

Due to internal policy and the requirements of our clients we are unable to show all our references on this website. Nonetheless, you can use the form below, or email or phone to ask for references, which we shall be happy to provide you upon agreement. Thank you for your understanding.

How do we set prices?

The prices depend mainly of the type of services you require, the quantity of processed documents, their complexity, the required periodicity, etc.

Way of negotiating the prices

Prices are mostly calculated from individual rates per hour from the valid price list, for the number of recorded items in the accounting journal, per hour of consultation, and for a compiled tax return, table, statement, etc.

Individual cases

In some individual cases, a flat-rate for a period can be agreed. This way of price fixing is common for auditing services and tax advisory. Under certain conditions it can also be agreed for accounting services.


Do not hesitate to ask us for references for our services.

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