About us


What services do we offer to our clients?

We have been providing a complete service to our clients in the area of audit, taxes, accounting/ bookkeeping, and financial consultancy since 1992. Our services are based on a personal and individual approach to the client. We provide our services in the whole of the Czech Republic with the latest technology and a high level of data security. Our priority is a long-term relationship with a client based on mutual trust and respect.

Core activities of the company

  • Audit and Taxes
  • Auditing
  • Tax advisory
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Economic and organizational services

Who are our clients?

Our clients are legal entities and individuals with diverse business activities (commerce, production, services). They value our professionalism, flexibility and individual approach. Our competitive advantage is a long-term stable position, experience in this business, and the wide range of services we provide. Our strongest asset is a broad portfolio of satisfied clients.

Become our client and you will save more time and energy for your own business!

The philosophy of our company is to provide services in an innovative way by using the latest technology and information systems.

This approach made us a pioneer in providing on-line accounting services that meet all the requirements of our clients, provide the highest comfort thus saving them time and money.

We offer our clients a unique opportunity to use the client portal and server connection, which is an excellent tool to increase the comfort of cooperation, prestige and satisfaction of our clients.

Of course, all services we provide are covered by our complete profession liability insurance policy.

English and German are common communication tools.

Professional team members:


ICM, s.r.o. is registered  as an auditor with the Chamber of Auditors under reg. no. 214.

Auditor: Ing. Jarmila Buriánová, reg. no. 1243
Auditor: Ing. Andrea Minaříková Zajíčková, reg. no. 2400

Tax advisors:

ICM, s.r.o. is registered on the list of legal entities of the Chamber of Tax Advisors (KDP), the Czech Republic 

Tax advisor: Ing. Jarmila Buriánová, registered with KDP Czech Republic under reg. no. 591
Tax advisor: Ing. Petra Hrubošová, registered with KDP Czech Republic under reg. no. 5084




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